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Discover how kids from age 4 are gaining confidence, becoming leaders & learning valuable bully prevention techniques in a welcoming, family friendly environment.

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  • Consistently hear about the increase in bullying starting from as early as Prep, and often wonder if your child may become the next victim?

  • Want your child to develop into a confident, yet calm individual who can easily find the balance between standing out and staying within boundaries?

  • Want to see your child excel in school with the ability to stay focused on the task at hand and work well in team environments?

  • Want your child to learn the skills to protect themselves with the understanding of when and why there are only  appropriate times to use it


  • Benefit from increased focus and self discipline that will carry through to their school, home and social life?

  • Thrive from developing confidence in themselves and learning new leadership skills from positive role models

  • Want to provide your child with a place to use up some energy with kids of different ages and backgrounds without being concerned for their safety?

  • Enjoying kicking, punching and making lots of noise with other kids in a judgement-free, bully-free space


Martial Arts is effective for all children. But what makes us unique, is that we take it one step further. At DDMT, we teach our students valuable life lessons as part of our #DDMTFutures Program. Each curriculum period, we focus on specific values and skills that will help develop the future generation into an important part of any community. We don’t focus on what your child ‘wants to be’ when they grow up… we focus on the '𝐓𝐲𝐩𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧' they want to become!

Giving? Ambitious? Courageous? Kind?

These little life lessons are developing your child into not only an inspiring mini martial artist but also help to create the huge positive impact that your child can have on this world in years to come.


Family approved.


When founders Benji & Nakia opened Double Dose, they wanted to break the typical fight gym reputation. DDMT has been designed for families. Walk through our facility and you will notice the little ones in the playground, the coaches holding babies, and often find teens and parents training together. It's only a matter of time before the whole family joins in because it's just that addictive.

Bully Prevention.


Every day we hear about how bullying is on the rise and there is little the parents and teachers can do to stop it. Not only is it getting worse, but its' starting from a younger age. 

Every parent wants to be able to send their child to school without the fear of being bullied - or becoming a bully. 

In our programs we teach children how to be confident in themselves so they can avoid these situations and them techniques that they can use to protect themselves if needed, without the need for violence.

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Pre-Teens & Teens Classes

Ours kids program (Muay Tinys) is ideal for ages 5-10yrs. So for 10-16yr olds, we have specific teens classes that are designed to keep the older ones interested! 

Check out our timetable to see when Kids (Tinys) and Teens classes are scheduled.

Measureable Progression.

You don't have to fight to measure progress in our gym. In our programs, the classes are tiered so that you move from beginner through to advanced regardless of your goals.

Grading and testing throughout allows us to continually evaluate your child's progress and ensures they get recognition for their hard work.

We have specific grading colours for the kids program that allows the children to move through the levels regularly, working their way into the adults ranking system once they reach their teens.


Chat with a trainer today!

​Our welcoming gym ensures that kids of all ages can build confidence, learn valuable self-defense skills and make friends in a fun environment all the while staying active!

We offer a 2 Lesson Free Trial for Children aged 4-11 years at

our facility in Ormeau.


Click to enquire now to register while there are still spots available!

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