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Is it time to say goodbye?


We are sorry to hear you are leaving the team! Because improvement is important to us, before you go, we would love to get your feedback! Please complete the form below so our Billing Team can process your cancellation request, and pass on any feedback you have. 

If there is a problem with your account prior to suspension or cancellation, our team will reach our directly. If there are no issues, we will apply the appropriate action, backdated to the date you submitted this request and send you an SMS or Email confirming the details. Our billing team process these requests twice per week so please allow a few days for a response.

Things to note:

  • Suspensions and Cancellations cannot take place unless the account has a 0.00 balance. If you currently have overdue fees, please make sure you take action to clear the account before our team will process your request.

  • All cancellations, except under special circumstances, have at least a 30 day notice period. During the 30 days, direct debits will come out as necessary. Any failed payments will delay the cancellation from taking place. If you unsure of your membership terms & conditions, a copy was emailed to you upon signing up. We can also provide one if requested.

  • Suspensions require a 2 week notice period

  • Suspensions must be between 2-6 weeks in length unless otherwise arranged or for medical reasons

  • For medical suspensions, a Doctors letter may be required

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