gold coast

interclub sparring day

16th January 2021

Kids Registration 8am, Starts 9am

Teens + Adults Registration 11:30am, Starts 12:30pm


1. Complete Registration Box Below. - 1 per participant.

**NOTE - Weigh ins are immediately before event, enter natural weight only.


2. Sign the sports waiver. 

3. Make payment of $10 by clicking the Paypal button (you do not require a Paypal account) - payment must be made for registration to be finalised. You can pay for multiple registrations at one time.


  • Training under 9 months;

  • Relatively new to sparring;

  • Most likely to be in your gym's foundation/ beginner program.


  • Training 9 months +;

  • Confident in sparring;

  • Most likely to be part of your gym's intermediate or advanced programs;

  • Not "Fight Ready"or with fight exp.

Note: As we have no advanced category this time, this event is not ideal for those in a fight team or have previous fight experience. This is a beginner friendly event. Advanced categories will be available in the future.


Registrations will allow us to pre-determine possible match ups on the day. We want to give everyone at least 1 match up first, and then allow participants to compete multiple times in the day to gain more experience. On the day, you will have the option to move up weight, age and experience categories to get more opportunities. We will notify you and issue a refund in the unlikely event we have NO possible match up.  

On arrival, you will register at the front desk and weigh in immediately. 

Once registration is completed for everyone, we will hold a quick group chat with the coaches and participants to run through the logistics and post up an order of bouts for you to get prepared. 



You will be required to wear your own equipment which MUST include the following:


  • Training Hand Wraps

  • Thai Shorts & Your Gym T-Shirt/ Singlet

  • 10oz Gloves

  • Shin Guards (Cloth type OK)

  • Mouthguard

  • Groin Guard recommended for boys

  • Head gear & body shields will be available on the day if needed

Teens +adults

  • Training Hand Wraps

  • Thai Shorts & Your Gym T-Shirt/ Singlet

  • 16oz Gloves

  • Hard Shin Guards (Not cloth/sock type)

  • Mouthguard

  • Groin Guard (Males)




Nakia Wright - Ph. 0424 487 528