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Here by popular demand, our new boxing program has launched! If you have been wanting to give combat sports a try or are looking for an exciting way to get fit, this could be the program for you!

Weight Loss & Fitness

Most of our members come to us looking for something different then your typical gym. Fortunately Muay Thai & Boxing are known as one of the most effective weight loss and fitness building solutions available today. In addition to amazing results, you learn a skill that will you have kicking ass and beaming with self confidence!

Goal based Progression.

It's difficult to get yourself into the gym on a day where you are tired or just don't feel like it. This is even harder if you don't have a clear direction of what you want for yourself.

You don't have to fight to measure your progress in our gym, but we do encourage all our members have some sort of personal goal.

Grading and testing throughout our tiered programs allows us to continually evaluate your progress and allows you to get recognition for your hard work. 

We are also focused on keeping you on track by providing individual goal setting sessions and offering a range of additional perks like in-house challenges, interclub sparring days and  special events.

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Family approved.


When founders Benji & Nakia opened Double Dose, they wanted to break the typical fight gym reputation. DD has been designed for families. Walk through our facility and you will notice the little ones in the playground, the coaches holding babies, and often find teens and parents training together. It's only a matter of time before the whole family joins in because it's just that addictive.



When you spend a large amount of your free time in the gym, it's important to feel part of something special. Our community is built on friendship, respect and support. If you are looking for a typical walk in/ walk out gym and not interested in being a supportive part of the team environment, then DD is probably not for you.

Chat with a trainer today!

We know walking into a new gym can be intimidating and scary. It's quite often we hear our members comment on how we made them feel like such a part of the family. It doesn't matter if you are fit or haven't trained a day in your life. It doesn't matter whether you are 6 or 60. It doesn't matter if you wear a uniform each day or covered head to toe in tattoos, as long as you bring a good attitude and want the best for yourself and others, you are welcome to join our team.

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Adults Muay Thai: Training
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